Wednesday, December 19, 2007

CHILL re-cap this week

Hello everyone,

CHILL was a successful event and we'd like to thank everyone who helped make it happen!

Let's thank our CHILL leaders:
Marty Motola, Eric Lee, Sarah Clark, Joel Beaupre, Lana Finch, Ayjey, Joshua Rhodes

Thank you to ALL of the volunteers and those who participated in LIVE ART!
Untitled cannot exist without you!

You may pick up your check at the JANUARY 2nd meeting.

Please note that we will NOT be meeting on DEC. 26.
Enjoy the holiday, eat, drink, and relax.

Meeting: Dec. 19
Location: Kazu
in Cummins Station

At this week's meeting...

ALL ARTISTS are welcome at the weekly meetings. Please join us!

CHILL re-cap
We invite you to this week's meeting to join in the discussion on what went well, what didn't go so well, and what we can improve on in the future.

Let's trade some art! In the spirit of the holiday season, bring something small that you've made to trade. It can be anything - a small drawing, a print, a pin, a photo, etc.

You may pick up your check at the JANUARY 2nd meeting.

live art

Don't forget to upload your photos from CHILL!

Join us on Flickr and submit your own photos to the group!

photo: Ayjey Illustration

Here a few new artists added to the website recently.
Be sure to add your own site to the list on the artists' links page!

Pat Millius
Mandy Peitz
Elizabeth Lenox
Nathan Sharkey
Amy V. /
Jeff Bertrand
Andrew Atteberry
Daniele Fragniere-Nance
Nancy S. Hilgert

See more here:


Illustration Mundo:

"A place where illustration gets all the love"

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THIS TO THAT (glue advice):

Thank you for being a part of Untitled!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Untitled Artists Group

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dec. 5 meeting - Chill Artists - Have you paid and registered?

Hello everyone,

This is the last week you can pay at a meeting. Deadlines are coming up - send in your payment and register!

Extra stuff for this show:

LIVE ART needs you.
We will have an extra volunteer shift designated to help out with the Live Art during the show. If you've already registered and are interested in helping out with Live Art, don't worry - you can still let us know at the drop-off.
We may also be requesting donated materials...stay tuned.

Look for a CHILL feature in the Tennessean on December 9th.

Time: 7:30pm
Location: Kazu in Cummins Station

+ ALL artists are welcome to the meeting. Plenty of parking, plenty of nice people to talk to, plenty of food and drink if you're hungry or thirsty.

+ DEADLINES! This is the week that you need to really pay attention to the deadlines. PLEASE be on time with everything. By being on time you will save your fellow artists hours of extra work and sleepless nights. Deadlines are listed below.

+ PAY!
This week you can pay your $15 fee. If you can't make the meeting please be sure to mail it, postmarked by Friday, Dec. 7.
Untitled Artists Group | P.O. Box 40232 | Nashville | TN | 37204

+ REGISTER! By this Sunday, December 9th at midnight.
On monday we will download all the results and we will send out a confirmation email with our conifrmed list of artists and full instructions. If you registered and are not on the list, contact us asap.
IF you already registered but want to change your info - YES you can do this! just go back to the registration page and re-enter all your info. We will take the most recently entered info. Also, if you registered and decided that you won't be in the show, let us know because otherwise we'll be wondering where you are at drop-off. And we will call you. Thank you!

+ Posters and cards will be available this week. Come by to pick some up to hang around town and to pass out to your friends or random people. We will have a list to give you ideas of where to hang posters and you can sign up stating where you'll be going. You can also download cards online to print & cut them yourself...

+ PROMOTE! You can help get the word out RIGHT NOW by downloading, printing, and emailing the poster image and press release from our website. (on the front page)
We will be sending an invite out to our mailing list the week of the show and you can also forward that email when it arrives to your inbox.

+ HANGING HARDWARE 101 This week we'll go over some basic hanging hardware to help you prepare your work for hanging. This is very important to the installation crew. Find out why at the meeting and here:
Untitled's Ready to Hang Guide

+ If you have an exhibit opening or ongoing, please come to the meeting to promote it. If you have an opportunity for artists, come to the meeting to tell us about it.

Documentary meeting THIS WEEK!

Wednesday, December 5, at 6:30 - 7:30PM at Kazu.

+ creating a short shot list for the December 14 Untitled show
+ camera workshop
+ set up a monitor and camera and look at some best practices for shooting
+ map some unconventional methods and how to mix shooting within the rules and outside the rules to get the best footage

If you would like to be involved in the documentary process or just wanna learn more come to the meeting.
You may also visit the Doc page on our website:



Please let us know if you have any trouble with the survey.

$15 due at Dec. 5 meeting or postmarked by Dec. 7
REGISTER: by Dec. 9 - midnight
Dec. 12; 6-7:30pm
INSTALLATION: Dec. 13; 8:30am - 7pm
SHOW: Dec. 14; 6-10pm
CLEAN-UP: Dec. 15; 10am - 1pm

Need more details? Read the Get Involved page.
If you still have questions, email us or come to a meeting.


Wooster Collective:

"The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world."

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Since we had a visit from Dr. Sketchy's this week, we'll feature some sites on life/figure drawing to help get you prepared and inspired for the first Dr. Sketchy's on Dec. 8th.

Figure Drawing - Life Drawing Tips and Lessons

Human Anatomy pictures for artists online

Time Lapse figure drawing

He has many great tutorial videos on drawing.


Thank you for being a part of Untitled!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Untitled Artists Group