Monday, August 27, 2007

Poster design contest, workshop, special guests & more...

Hello everyone,

Lots of stuff has been brewing. We have a name and venue for our Fall show:

“Sweet Tea” at Bar Twenty3. Yes, we know, it rhymes.

But we still need a poster. And we still need to fill some chair positions, very soon!

We also have a workshop coming up and some special out-of-town guests visiting us this week. Read below for more info…


We will be meeting this Wednesday, August 29th at 7:30pm. Meetings are open to ALL artists.
Location: Kazu restaurant in Cummins Station. Parking: There is a free lot on the corner of 10th and Lea. Street parking is also free at the time of our meeting.


Bring your poster design to this week’s meeting and everyone will vote. The winning poster design will be printed and plastered all over town and the internet.

Please visit this link on our website for the Poster Design Guidelines:


Also at this week’s meeting:
Artists from Minneapolis are visiting Nashville this week to work on a mural downtown and support their exhibit at Twist Art Gallery in the Arcade and they will be stopping by to chat with us.

How’d they get here and what are they doing? Come to the meeting and find out.

Here are some links to check out in the meantime: | |


Do you have your piece ready for the “Sweet Tea” show? Take a photo and send it in for possible inclusion in the press release. Best format to send us:

JPEG, 300dpi

Need help with taking photos of your work? Then our next workshop is for you…



Wednesday September 5th, 2007; 7:30pm at Kazu
Learn by demonstration how to photograph your artwork for print and web. Jeff, long time Untitled member and professional photographer, will show us tips and tricks for taking the best photos of our art and supply resources for us to do it ourselves later.

Do you have a challenge for him? Bring a painting for the demo.
Check out Jeff’s work at his website:


You can now register to show your work or volunteer for the Fall show:

See all of the other deadlines on our website in the news section

You know those big white things we hang artwork on at shows? Well it’s time to make them look beautiful again.

The small amount of time you spend can keep one panel looking sharp for up to a year. Stop by, grab a brush, and slap some paint; you can be in and out in a flash or show up early and stay late. Our members and patrons have come to expect a professional installation at Untitled shows and this is a big part of meeting that expectation.

When: Saturday, September 1st 9:30am – noon
Where: Our storage unit, centrally located off I-65 and Wedgewood close to the fairgrounds.
Email us if you’d like to help and haven’t signed up yet.

We are still in need of some team leaders. Wondering how you can help out? Visit our new Volunteer page and check out the newly uploaded task lists.

Here’s what we still need: PR, Hospitality, Clean-up

Come to the meeting or email us to find out more.


It’s the first Saturday of the month. Don’t forget to check out all the great openings downtown on the gallery crawl.

Here’s a link to the crawl route (there’s a free shuttle!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Title announcement, venue, and call for poster designs


We have a title! Untitled’s Fall show title is “Sweet Tea”.

We also have a venue! “Sweet Tea” will be held at Bar Twenty3 on 12th Avenue South in the Gulch. Yes, you might remember we had a show there called “Faces” a few years ago.

We need a poster! It’s time to design a poster. Voting will take place at the August 29th meeting. So you will need to bring a printout of your design. It doesn’t have to be poster size, just big enough so that we can all see the design.

Poster Design Guidelines:

Media: digital, drawing, painting, etc. The design should leave room for important text & images about the event.

The important text & images to include:

+ Sweet Tea
+ the untitled logo – undistorted and at least 3 inches long (download here: )
+ the metro nashville arts commission logo [1-3 inches long] (download here: )
+ Friday, September 14, 2007

+ 6-10 pm
+ free
+ one-night-only art exhibit
+ uncensored art for unlimited audiences
+ Bar Twenty3 503 12th Ave S Nashville, TN 37203
+ (easily legible)

You can put these in whatever order, font and configuration you like. Posters can be full color or not, up to 11x17”. Please keep in mind that we also print small postcard size fliers.

Here is a link to our flickr group for examples of past posters:
Also, check out our about section on our website for more poster designs.

Here are the important dates for the fall show “Sweet Tea”:

29th poster design contest
31st posters/cards distributed & press release goes out (artists: send in images for press before this date)

5th $15 fee due at meeting OR...
7th $15 fee postmarked
9th registration/titleblock entry due
12th art drop-off
13th installation
14th show 6-10pm
15th cleanup 10am

Be sure to come to our next meeting to see how you can get involved – Wednesday August 22nd at 7:30pm at Kazu in Cummins Station.

Several people have already stepped up as team leaders:

Curator: Shelly Santana
Installation: Greg Butler
Artist liaison: Deborah Walden
Clean up:

Thank you!

If you are interested in any of the available positions or being on a specific team, please let us know. We have task lists for each position, which will also be available on our website soon.

What is Untitled?

Untitled is an artist-run group, open to everyone, and by which its nature allows things to change from show to show.

Do you have ideas to make it better and want to help make the change? Come to a meeting and get involved.

How to show with Untitled: go to our website and click on any of the pin images to read about the general procedures for showing with Untitled.

Or email us…

Thursday, August 9, 2007

VOTE for a title! and other stuff


Here’s what happened at last night’s meeting…

Suggestions were collected for the fall show title. Some suggestions were great. Some were ok. Some suggestions wanted to teach you about exercising muscles you wouldn’t normally think about exercising (hmmm!); while several others suggested that art shows revolve around the consumption of alcohol (gasp!); and then some were implying a disaster =’(

We discussed things such as a ‘tufted titmouse’ and realized that those are really fun words to say (go ahead, say it out loud). We talked about blind bats and humans using ‘echolocation’, probably not very useful at an art show.

Thanks to everyone who expressed ideas and voted. If you missed out, maybe you can voice your own suggestions for the winter show at a future brainstorming meeting. But in the meantime…

We narrowed down a long list by votes and settled with 12 lucky finalists. To see them and vote you’ll have to visit this survey:

The title will be announced at next week’s meeting.

Didn’t you take some photos at the GLOW show? Share them on our FLICKR group!

Don’t forget to take our new poll on our blog (aka the news section of our website).
Right now painters are dominating the poll, followed by photographers, pastel-ers, and found object-ers.
Now go and represent, yo!


+ Panel beautification get together.
This involves patching, sanding, & painting our panels to make them look beautiful. Wanna help? Email and we’ll point you in the right direction.

+ Workshop
Free & open to public! Details coming soon!


Here’s what’s happening this weekend.

+ TOMATO ART FEST - LOTS and LOTS of tomato related activities. Visit for details.
ART related activities:


EXCHANGE GALLERY – 1000 Main Street



TOMATO ART PREVIEW PARTY (lots of great prizes!)
Art & Invention Gallery – 1106 Woodland Street
6:30 – 9:30pm


Art & Invention Gallery – 1106 Woodland Street

211 S. 17th Street


+ CRAFT: A Creative Community
Lipstick Lounge parking lot (corner of 14th and woodland streets in East Nashville)
11am – 5pm

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Name Untitled's Fall show!

Hello everyone,

We need ideas for our fall show title. Come to the meeting this week and join in for the brainstorming of ideas. How does it work? Those who attend the meeting can give suggestions – everything from serious themes to random silliness. After the meeting, a survey will go up online for everyone to vote on the suggested titles. The title will be announced at next week’s meeting.

By the way, Untitled meetings take place every Wednesday at 7:30pm at Kazu restaurant in Cummins Station. (209 10th Ave. South)

GLOW artists who sold work may pick up their check at this week’s meeting.

The fall show will take place on Friday, September 14th, 6-10pm. The location is yet to be determined.
Check the news section of our website for all the important dates and deadlines.

Take the poll on the news section of the Untitled website (^^above^^). Have suggestions for a weekly poll? Email us!

Looking forward to everyone’s title ideas at this week’s meeting!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

GLOW recap

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for making our annual fundraiser, GLOW, a success. If your work sold at the show, you will be able to pick up your check at next week’s meeting on August 8th. We will alert you if there are any changes.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to our venue – The Bar Car, DJ Synapse Trap, volunteers, sponsors, patrons, dancers, hula girls, and of course participating artists.

This week’s newsletter will be very brief as we recover from last week’s show.

At this week’s meeting we will do a recap of the GLOW show – what went well and what didn’t and how we can improve in the future. We’d love to hear from all who were involved or attended. Meetings are not as stuffy as they sound. Come and share a drink with a friend, meet some new friends, or tell us about your latest project that you’re excited about. And yep, they’re open to everyone.

“Meeting” place & time:
Kazu Restaurant in Cummins Station

Other news:

It’s a new month, August already. This means there’s a downtown gallery crawl this Saturday. Did you know there’s a free shuttle that will take you around town? I bet it’s air conditioned.
Check it out here:


If you have been on ART-TALK, please take a moment to sign up again under the new Google Group for ART-TALK.

If you have no clue what we’re art-talking about, ART-TALK is a group that anyone can join. You send messages. You get messages. And it’s all about ART. It’s a great resource for Nashville visual artists. Well, here’s a better explanation:

(thanks Rick!)


Don’t forget to post your GLOW photos to our FLICKR Group!

As always, email us with questions!