Friday, April 20, 2007

Workshop Report

On Wednesday, April 18, Laura Chenicek taught our Spring Workshop on stretching canvas. We also had our first ever art materials swap. If you have art materials you don't need, you can bring them to an Untitled meeting to see if there are any takers, or consider donating them to the Plowhaus for their upcoming kids art project. For info on donating to Plowhaus, please visit

Next Wednesday we'll announce the title of our summer show. If you haven't voted yet, why not? Here's the link to the place to vote:
With over 50 votes and counting, the leading titles are:
"Hi, my name is Summer" and "Where does it hurt?"
Now's your chance to tip the scale.

FURTHERMORE, next Wednesday will be our second ever occasional, optional art swap. Bring some small thing you made to trade with another artist. Untitled meets at Kazu Restaurant in Cummins Station. 7:30 every Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stretch and Swap

Hello Everyone:

Don't forget, tomorrow is Untitled's Spring workshop: STRETCHING CANVAS with the amazing Laura Chenicek. Laura will demonstrate how to create your own beautiful blank canvases. This FREE workshop is open to all artists, all media, all levels.

Untitled Spring Workshop: Stretching Canvas
Wednesday, April 18, 7:30 PM
Kazu Restaurant
Cummins Station (209 10th Ave S)

ALSO, don't forget that this Wednesday is our first ever ART SUPPLY SWAP. Bring that green paint you'll never use, that box of purple nitrile gloves, that giant sketch pad you keep tripping over even though you pledged 8 months ago to only draw on the insides of Cheerios boxes from now on. Bring the crayons, the colored pencils, the printmaking tools you bought before you realized you are not a printmaker. A clean studio is a productive studio -- clear out that stuff you're not using. Folks who bring something to swap get first choice of stuff other folks brought. If there's anything left over, we'll donate it to a school art program. The swap will be after the workshop.

Finally, don't forget to VOTE for our summer show title. Here's the link: With 44 votes in, the current front runners are:

"hi, my name is summer" and "where does it hurt?"


It's a new gallery -- with installation art -- on Friday.

SooPlex: Joshua Wolcott, "Going to Hear" - op Has map
Friday, April 20, 2007

SooPlex: Joshua Wolcott, "Going to Hear" - opening reception at SooPlex
427 Chestnut, Nashville, TN Get map

Check out new stuff by Jodi Hays on Saturday at her ArtBQ

See cool things by 35 artists at CRAFT: A Creative Community on Sunday

See more on the Art-Talk calendar,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Summer Show Title

Hello Everyone:

It's time to choose a titled for Untitled's next show. At last week's meeting, we proposed ideas, threw out about two thirds of them, and added a few of top choices from the spring show survey. Now it's your turn, virtual community, to make the final cut.

Go here, please:

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Art Tonight and Future Plans

Please Pay Attention Please:

This is a last minute reminder about tonight's FirstSaturday Gallery Crawl. There are openings tonight all over Nashville, so bundle up a bit and go out to see some art. The Arts Company has a handy map on their site to help you find all the galleries: While you're out there, we have some challenges for you:

1) ARTGO is the creation of Alesandra Bellos and Rick Bradley, and tonight is the perfect night to play. If you came to last week's meeting, you have a card. If you didn't, you can print one, or make your own here: It's like bingo plus a scavenger hunt. Bring your winning (or not) cards next Wednesday. Maybe we'll make up a few more squares for next time.

2) Art Review Haiku: Tonight's openings will provide opportunities to see all kinds of art. Between now and next Wednesday, distill your impressions into an elegant, 17 syllable poem. Or two. Haiku is a Japanese literary form with a complex and rich history. For our purposes we'll use a very simple definition: first line 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables, third line 5 syllables. That's it. Try this site for a more nuanced description and some examples:


On Wednesday, April 11, we'll compare ARTGO cards, share Art Review Haiku and BRAINSTORM TITLES FOR OUR SUMMER SHOW. If you want a voice in naming the next Untitled show, this will be the meeting to attend. The show is on June 15, in case you've got your calendar handy, and it will be at the Essence Room on Jefferson Street.


Untitled meetings are are a place for artists to meet, talk, share ideas, and learn from each other. Everyone is always welcome. Here's our plan for the next few weeks:

April 18 - Spring Workshop: Learn to stretch your own canvas with Laura Chenicek. Also, bring un-needed art supplies for our first official Materials Swap.

April 25 - Summer show title announced AND Art Swap. Bring something small you made to trade. Maybe use something you got in last week's swap?

May 2 - You've been asking, so now we're having it: Untitled Friendly Feedback Day! If you'd like your fellow artists' input on something you've been working on, bring it in. This is our chance to get some advice, encouragement and suggestions in a safe and supportive environment.

May 9 - Summer Show Poster Contest and Show Leader Elections

May 16 - Summer show planning and Occasional, Optional 15-minute Art Fix: May Clay. We'll bring the clay, you bring your hands.

So now you know. No more suspense. Come play.